Valentine’s Day is here again, and you might just fall in love with how you look this year. At Aventura Dermatology, our experienced providers adore helping patients achieve radiant skin. So whether you’re going out on a date for Valentine’s Day or just want to treat yourself, these skincare tips can help you achieve a glowing complexion. 

Get a Hydrafacial® for a Radiant Complexion

If you haven’t had a Hydrafacial yet, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to fall in love with this cutting-edge treatment. This gentle but highly effective option goes beyond your standard facial.

The four-step process involves the following:

  • Cleansing your skin and exfoliating away dead cells
  • Infusing your skin with a purifying glycolic solution
  • Using the vortex suction device to remove blackheads and clean pores
  • Nourishing and protecting your skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants

If a regular facial is equivalent to brushing your teeth, a Hydrafacial can be considered a professional dental cleaning. This deeply cleansing treatment improves your skin’s overall tone and texture for a radiant glow.

Use Topical Products to Reduce Acne 

Sometimes it seems like pimples hide in waiting for your big date night. If you wake up the morning of Valentine’s Day with a few blemishes, don’t panic. An over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide cream or hydrocolloid pimple patches can be applied in the morning to shrink them.

Additionally, a cortisone injection administered by a dermatologist can quickly minimize the blemish. This rapid acne removal method works wonders for cystic spots but isn’t used as a regular treatment.

Gift Yourself a Chemical Peel for Glowing Skin

If you’re not going out, book a self-care date instead. A chemical peel is a great way to treat yourself to glowing skin. This highly customizable treatment ranges from mild to strong depending on the cosmetic issues you want to address. 

Chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation issues, and minor scars. However, they involve a few days to a couple of weeks post-treatment peeling as dead skin cells slough away, so you should plan a chemical peel with time to spare before a big event.

Book a Skincare Consultation With a Dermatologist in Aventura, Florida 

If you’re ready to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day, call Aventura Dermatology at 754-544-9030 to book an appointment. Our highly skilled providers, led by board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bertha Baum, utilize the latest skincare techniques and technologies to meet your cosmetic goals.

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