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One of the exciting aspects of aesthetic medicine is that there always seems to be a new treatment to explore. The most recent injectable treatment to make its way to the United States is the RHA® Collection. This line of dermal fillers has already become popular in several other countries for their remarkably natural-looking results. We are excited to now offer these fillers as a new addition to our already comprehensive menu of conservative rejuvenating treatments.

Whether there is a part of your face that you'd like to accentuate or you have lines and wrinkles you'd like to erase, RHA injections may be ideal for you. We're happy to schedule an appointment for you at our Aventura, FL office! Just call 754-544-9030.

What is the RHA® Filler Collection?

RHA dermal fillers have a base of hyaluronic acid. They are designed to mimic the HA that is made naturally in the body, thereby achieving the most natural-looking results. Like other common dermal fillers that are more well-known, the RHA Collection has multiple formulations, each designed to address particular concerns.

What Can RHA® Fillers Treat?

There are three RHA fillers available at this time. Each has specific uses. These fillers include:

  • RHA® 2. This is the lightest of the RHA formulations, making it ideal for correcting fine lines and enhancing the lip area.
  • RHA® 3. This medium-weight formulation works very well for mild to moderate smile lines and marionette lines.
  • RHA® 4. The densest and most structural of the RHA Collection, RHA 4 can correct more significant creases.

How Are RHA Fillers Different From Other HA Fillers?

Being made of hyaluronic acid, the RHA Collection may look like just a new line of soft tissue fillers. There is a subtle difference in this product line, though. RHA fillers are longer chains of hyaluronic acid crosslinked together using fewer chemical modifications in the process. The manufacturing process maintains optimal natural structure within the HA chains, resulting in more resilient consistency overall. The RHA Collection is the first family of HA dermal fillers to be approved for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. This means that we can use these products to smooth lines that are present in the most active parts of the face without compromising natural movement and appearance.

How Long Do the Results from RHA Filler Injections Last?

The results of RHA filler injections have been measured to last up to 15 months, though results can vary from one person to another. Some studies suggest that results can last from nine to 18 months. This can depend on several factors, including the exact filler that is used, its density, the area of the face that is treated, your lifestyle, age, and other factors.

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