As a great expert in her field of work, Dr. Baum is frequently being asked to talk for various medias. Whether it’s a newspaper, internet portal, TV station or something else, Dr. Baum has made countless appearances. If you missed them, check out what she has to say on various issues about skin and beauty.

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Hollywood Dermatology

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Neutrogena: Cuidados según cada tipo de piel

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Univision Neutrogena – HSLM DA Custom Segment

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Univision Neutrogena – DC DA Custom Segment

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Univision Neutrogena – Hydroboost Custom Segment

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Univision Neutrogena – DC DA Custom Segment

Published articles

Learn about when to get aesthetic treatments prior to an upcoming event.

Learn all about Dr. Baum's beauty secrets in Elysian

Aprende de una vez qué son y para qué sirven estas inyecciones-milagrosas con la Doctora Baum.

With so many advancements in laser technology, the most effective, natural-looking enhancements often come in a customized cocktail of cosmetic treatments.

La experta dermatóloga y asesora de Neutrogena Dra. Bertha Baum @drbbaum nos da las claves para entender por qué es tan importante adaptar tu rutina beauty a tu tipo de piel.

Sea cual sea tu edad o tipo de piel, las ojeras pueden aparecer cuando menos te lo esperas. Aprende a prevenirlas y eliminarlas con los tips de la Dra. Baum

17 speedy beauty tips! Look great in no time! Who better to give advice than a busy mom who is a beauty pro? We asked four of our favorites to spill their secrets.

El secreto de la longevidad es más que solo buenos genes. Nunca se es demasiado joven para empezar una buena rutina de cuidado de la piel.

When we have a pressing skin issue, we know board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon DR. Bertha Baum of Hollywood Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists has the answers.

The secret to longevity is more than just good genes. That’s why you’re never too young to start a good skin care routine.

How can we freshen up our faces this season?
A big thing right now is combination therapy, where we combine the use of resurfacing Restylane—Refyne and Defyne— which are based on hyaluronic acid. Refyne targets younger patients who are starting to show facial labial folds.

Si has notado que te están saliendo granitos y puntos negros en el rostro cuando nunca antes los habías tenido, es el momento de tomar medidas. Nuestra escritora Alejandra Chaparro conversó con la dermatóloga Bertha Baum, portavoz de Neutrogena, para descubrir las causas del acné y cómo evitarlo.

La doctora Bertha Baum explica los beneficios de infiltrarse las venas de araña con polidocanol

La doctora Bertha Baum explica los beneficios del resurfacing con el láser Erbium YAG

Kybella es un medicamento aprobado por la FDA que destruye las células de grasa que se depositan debajo del mentón

El aumento de labios es uno de los tratamientos más solicitados para el 2016, la dermatóloga Bertha Baum nos explica en qué consiste.

WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organisation) Simcha of Broward County hosted its annual Movie Night fundraiser. Proceeds benefited WIZO centers in Israel, which support women, children and youth.

Every day we receive questions from new and old patients regarding LaserLipo. This simple procedure gives great results with very little down time. At Hollywood Dermatology we offer many services unique for patients like you. One of our great programs is the VIP membership program that includes great discounts for our loyal costumers. Call for a Free LaserLipo Consultation Today!

American Osteopathic 2015 Spring Meeting Charlotte, NC April 23-26. UV Tattoo: A Reliable Option Providing Precise Identification of Initial Biopsy for Further Treatment.

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