In honor of National Retinol Day, take a look at how this topical vitamin can lead to lasting benefits that you’ll celebrate today and well into the future. If you value skincare, learn more about the benefits of retinol.

Younger-Looking Skin

One study looking at the efficacy and benefits of retinol found that retinol has a range of physiological benefits that make it a powerhouse for the skin. Retinol not only increases the production of healthy, vibrant skin by increasing the production of collagen, but it also prevents collagen degradation. Collagen is a vital structure protein that gives support and strength to skin, leading to younger-looking skin.

This study found that just seven days of use led to these benefits.

Treat Acne

With increased skin turnover from retinol, dead skin that otherwise may have led to clogged pores is now removed. If you didn’t start a retinol regimen when active acne was present and now have scars, retinol may be able to help reduce the appearance of acne scars as well.

Address Sun Damage

Spending time in the sun can be wonderful not just for your mood but for your overall physical health as well. Sunlight is vital in vitamin D production. However, prolonged sun exposure can damage the skin. Retinol helps reverse signs of that damage.

Even Out Pigmentation

Since retinol increases skin production, melanin, the natural pigment found in skin, is spread more evenly, decreasing hyperpigmentation. Retinol is also an exfoliant, leading to more even-looking skin.

Firmer Skin

Alongside increasing collagen production, retinol can increase another vital protein: elastin. With age, elastin production decreases, and the elastin in the skin degrades, leading to sagging skin. Consistent retinol use can increase elastin production and prevent degradation, leading to firm, taut skin.

Treat Your Skin With Aventura Dermatology

National Retinol Day is meant to bring awareness to an incredibly effective vitamin that can help provide major benefits to your skin. If you’re looking for even more ways to revitalize your skin and achieve great results, work with Dr. Bertha Baum of Aventura Dermatology.

Dr. Bertha Baum is a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who offers a variety of skin treatments, from microneedling to pore refining.

To work with Dr. Bertha Baum, contact Aventura Dermatology in Aventura, FL, by calling 754-544-9030.

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