Millions of people all over the world experience excessive sweating on a regular basis, with the most common location being under the arms. However, not everyone will see a doctor and get a hyperhidrosis diagnosis in their lifetime. The Brella™ SweatControl Patch™ is a new FDA-cleared treatment for excessive sweating. It is non-invasive, aluminum-free, and affordable, allowing you to address excess sweat issues effectively and for a long time.

Signs of Excessive Sweating

People sweat to help cool their bodies. Sweating is normal. However, if you have excessive underarm sweating, it can be frustrating. Signs of excessive sweating include the following:

  • You sweat on both underarms when not exercising.
  • You sweat on both underarms even when it is not hot outside or in the building you are in.
  • Sweating ruins your clothing.
  • You must have an extra change of clothing with you all the time.
  • You have to change your routine or avoid certain activities, including raising your arms, because of sweating.

How the Brella SweatControl Patch Works

The Brella SweatControl Patch for excessive sweating features a thin sodium sheet that has an adhesive backing. The sodium interacts with the water in your sweat to create heat that targets your sweat glands, which reduces sweat production. You won’t have to worry about large, embarrassing sweat patches under your arms after undergoing this treatment.

When you go in for your appointment, your aesthetic clinician checks both of your underarms to ensure you don’t have rashes, abrasions, or any other skin conditions. Your clinician will then clean both underarms and apply the SweatControl Patch to your armpit for about three minutes. The warming sensation you may feel is normal. After the treatment, your clinician removes the patch and cleans your underarms.

The Brella SweatControl Patch takes just three minutes to prevent excessive sweat for about three months. In some cases, the treatment may last longer.

Where to Find Brella SweatControl Patches in Aventura, FL

Aventura Dermatology & Aesthetics serves Aventura and the surrounding areas in Florida. To find out more about the Brella SweatControl Patch, speak with our team today. To schedule a consultation, please call 754-544-9030.

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