The Best Skin Treatments to Try in Your 40s

Taking care of your skin in your 40s is a breeze with the help of Aventura Dermatology. No matter your age, Aventura Dermatology assists patients with making informed decisions on all manner of skin care treatments. Below you’ll find some of the top services recommended to try in your 40s like our Ultherapy® treatments.

Ultherapy® Treatments

These treatments involve micro-focused ultrasound that targets areas underneath the skin to stimulate collagen and help against wrinkles and lines. Overall this is a great treatment for anyone looking to revitalize their look. If your wrinkles or lines bother you or don’t allow you to be your most confident self, then you should give Aventura Dermatology a call. Their trained specialists can walk you through the process and help you make an informed decision. This treatment is one of the least invasive ones out there and is a great place to start if you’re not ready for a full-on surgical facelift.

Chemical Peel Treatments

This is another approachable skin care treatment that many adults find to be quite relaxing. A chemical compound is applied to your skin to gently remove the outer dead layers of skin and help smooth things out. It can also help with the appearance of any scarring or pigment issues that may be affecting your overall look. In general, this is a simpler treatment that doesn’t involve really any recovery time, but it is to be taken seriously. Aventura Dermatology would love to talk you through it and see how your skin reacts to the process to see if it is the best form of treatment for your skin.

Laser Skin Treatments 

Aventura Dermatology offers numerous different levels of laser skin treatments that can help rejuvenate your skin back to a youthful look. These treatments take on similar forms but affect your skin differently depending on the intensity. Services like fractional laser treatment involve targeting a specific area of skin to remove pigmentation and improve skin texture. Whereas CO₂ laser treatment is typically used for more general coverage skin resurfacing to improve the look and feel.

Regardless of what skincare service you’re considering, know that Aventura Dermatology has you covered. No matter what questions you may have, or uncertainties about which treatment is best for someone in their 40s- their specialists can help. Simply call today at 754-544-9030 and set up an appointment at their Aventura, FL location.

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