Clear Skin in 2024: 5 Beauty Treatments to Try

At Aventura Dermatology, we have several beauty treatments you can use to keep yourself looking great throughout 2024. The type of treatment you choose depends on your skin’s specific needs and your beauty goals. Some treatments are better for fine lines and wrinkles, while others are better for acne scars or uneven pigment. Before you receive any treatment with us, one of our providers will go over the treatment and make sure it’s the best option for you.

1. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

IPL therapy uses many wavelengths of light to treat various skin conditions. You can use IPL on just about every area of your body to improve skin quality and texture, though most people use it to remove blemishes and dark spots. IPL can help with rosacea, age spots, sun damage, skin texture, and more.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Your body has the amazing ability to grow hair in various places, but there are certain areas where you might prefer not to have it. Experience the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin with the incredible benefits of laser hair removal. With laser hair removal, you can remove hair from your face, neck, chest, back, legs, and anywhere else on your body.

3. Custom Tailored Facials

At Aventura Dermatology, we have many types of facials that we can tailor specifically for you, including Clarifying Advanced Hydrofacials, HydraFacial Keravive, 24K Facials, and Biologique Recherche Signature Facials.

4. Chemical Peels

When you want to rejuvenate your skin, you can use a chemical peel. Chemical peels use a chemical solution to remove damaged, old layers of skin, revealing fresh, youthful skin underneath. We have several chemical peels at Aventura Dermatology, including the Perfect Derma Peel, Miami Peel, PRX, Sublime, Aquagold, and more.

5. Skin Resurfacing

When you need to get rid of dark spots, reduce fine lines and scars, or even out your complexion, you might consider skin resurfacing. We provide many skin resurfacing procedures, including microneedling, pore refining, Aquagold, Scarlet, Matrix Pro, and more.

Where to Find Beauty Treatments in Aventura, FL

Aventura Dermatology serves Aventura and the surrounding areas in Florida. To find out more about beauty treatments for your skin, speak to Dr. Bertha Baum or one of our qualified skin care providers today. To arrange a consultation, please call 754-544-9030.

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