Halloween Beauty Tips to Avoid Scary Breakouts

It’s October again—which means that Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re planning on going out trick-or-treating or having a late-night party with your friends, you’ll have to have a costume that really wows the crowd wherever you go. And that likely means that you’ll be donning a full face of makeup, whether to give your good looks a boost or turn yourself into your favorite fantasy character. As such, you’ll want to keep in mind the following few Halloween beauty tips to avoid breakouts after your chosen Halloween festivities.

Tip #1 — Prepare Your Skin Well

As you should do before applying any makeup, you’ll find it best to thoroughly wash your face with your go-to facial cleanser. This will help to prime your skin for your Halloween makeup and help remove excess oils that may be clogging your pores, which can worsen with the application of heavy makeup—especially after hours of being worn.

Tip #2 — Throw Out Old Makeup

This simple tip could save you from a lot of headaches (and acne discomfort). Contrary to popular belief, most makeup has an expiration date, and using it after that point can help contribute to an unwanted acne breakout. So, toss out the cosmetics you used for last year’s Halloween costume and get yourself a new palette.

Tip #3 — Choose the Right Products

Once you’ve followed the above tips to avoid breakouts after your Halloween fun, you’ll want to ensure that the makeup products you plan to put on are of decent quality. Many lower-end makeups contain chemicals that can easily irritate your skin, cause allergic reactions, or exacerbate acne breakouts. So, stick closely to the products you already use comfortably in your day-to-day life when possible.

Tip #4 — Thoroughly Cleanse Your Face Post-Festivities

Lastly, and the simplest of tips to avoid breakouts this Halloween, is to give your face a thorough wash once it’s time to take off your costume. Leaving any makeup on for too long can contribute to acne breakouts, and this is especially true when it comes to heavy, colorful Halloween makeup.

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