Estimates show that around 50 percent of women will experience noticeable hair loss at some point. Even though it is extremely common, it is still very challenging to deal with. In some cases, treatment may be available. One of the best ways to treat your hair loss is to identify the cause. Once you are aware of what is causing your hair to fall out, you can address the problems and get the treatment you need.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is something that can happen at any age. When a woman begins losing hair at a rapid pace, it may give rise to concern. It is important to determine what is leading your hair to fall out so that you can treat the issue and hopefully reverse the problem. Some of the most common causes of hair loss in women include:

1. Hormonal Imbalance

Women who experience hormonal changes may notice thinning of their hair. There are instances where estrogen-charged changes, such as those caused by menopause or birth control, lead to the loss of hair. In other cases, androgens can weaken hair follicles and result in excessive hair shedding.

2. Thyroid Problems or Disease

Thyroid problems or diseases can also cause hair to fall out or thin. Autoimmune diseases that impact the thyroid glands, such as Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, are notorious for causing hair to fall out. These changes caused by the disease can be difficult to deal with. However, with the proper treatment, women have the ability to control the conditions and stop their hair loss.

3. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is another condition that can lead to hair loss in women. This condition occurs when hair follicles are attacked and destroyed by the immune system, which prevents the growth of new hair. In some cases, women may experience hair loss only on their heads. However, there are cases where the loss of hair can be widespread.

Each of these causes of hair loss requires a drastically different approach to addressing the underlying issue. Seeking help from a medical professional can help to ensure you get the care you need.

Get Help for Your Hair Loss

Meeting with the team at Aventura Dermatology can help you identify the underlying causes of your hair loss and take the appropriate steps toward addressing them. If you are experiencing hair loss, there are treatment options available to help. Reach out to Dr. Bertha Baum in Aventura, FL, by calling 754-544-9030 to schedule an appointment or fill out the online form to get started.

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